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Let us help you decarbonise and reduce the maintenance costs of your road assets

Local authority maintenance of non-trunk roads in England is at its lowest due to a combination of three factors:

  • Inflation and rising costs of materials.
  • Funding shortfalls for road infrastructure.
  • Adverse impact of climate change on structural wear and tear.

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Reflective cracks, potholes, concrete bays, and surface dressings are among the most common repair works contributing to high maintenance costs.

T&RS consultants offer sustainable and climate change resilient approach to road asset management using expert design treatments for bays, tracks and bases that extend the life of the asset, which would reduce the construction time, carbon emissions, environmental degradation, maintenance by >20% and overall economy in construction by >40%.

This results in cost-effective and resilient roads that stay in better condition and have structural integrity for longer. T&RS works with the clients very step of the project process from initial enquiry to construction including training.

We strongly believe that better-maintained roads reduce congestion, which helps cut harmful emissions and boost the economy.