Making Highways Safer
Traffic and Road Safety Engineering Consultancy

Walking and Cycling schemes support the local economy, public health and reduce carbon emissions.

Ensuring walking and cycling connections are optimised is an integral part of promoting healthy travel choices throughout the UK. Reducing the need to travel by car can only be achieved by providing genuine Active Travel alternatives. The biggest barrier to getting more people cycling is lack of safe infrastructure. Reducing the dominance of the motor vehicle in local neighbourhoods enhances the walking environment which in turn leads to improvements in health and well-being.

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T&RS specialises in infrastructure solutions. Our expert traffic engineering consultants design walking and cycling projects or can evaluate and assess proposals developed by others.

Our services include:

  • Feasibility/ Surveying potential walking and cycling projects and routes
  • Road safety audit, cycle audits and cycle facility appraisal
  • Non-motorised transport promotion - Walking & cycling routes
  • Analysis and development of traffic safety, sustainable transport and mixed-use schemes
  • Accessibility assessments
  • Scheme design service, including the detailed design of cycle tracks, footways, crossing facilities and side road priority changes