Making Highways Safer
Traffic and Road Safety Engineering Consultancy

T&RS is a leading transport design consultancy that has extensive experience in designing and delivering small and large scale transport design projects for both public and private sector clients.

Our experienced team are highly knowledgeable across all aspects of Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD), Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB), Manual for Streets (MfS) and other industry guidance such as LTNs.

What matters most though is not the guidance but how it is applied. Our transportation design consultants take the approach of appropriate and considered engineering, developing solutions that meet the objectives of the scheme. It is the engineer and their understanding of the problem and constraints that is paramount. We pride ourselves on developing high quality bespoke solutions that often create wider benefits than those intended.

How can T&RS transport design consultancy help?

Our services include:

  • Local Safety Scheme Delivery - We can undertake your Accident Analysis and develop a data and objectives-led scheme design. If you would like us to lead on public and elected member consultation, we can do that for you too. We can even draft your Cabinet Report;
  • Highways Improvement Schemes - From concept creation and modelling new layouts to designing a scheme to be shovel ready, we can lead the process for you or just aid the development. All to UK or LHA standards.
  • Average Speed Enforcement - We can undertake the full process for you including site selection, procurement of equipment, undertaking the public engagement and managing the process through to 'go-live'.
  • Traffic Regulation Orders - We can draft Orders or Notices, but most LHAs prefer to do this in house, so we have developed an advising and auditing service to help with the process. We can also produce drawings to support orders.
  • Highways Design - AutoCAD, KeyLINES, KeySIGNS, 3D Civils, Swept Path Analysis
  • Controlled Parking Zones and Resident Permit Schemes - We can undertake the full process for you from writing the policy, to implementing a scheme. We can undertake the public engagement, draft the TROs, design the signs and lines and help with the 'go-live'.